Anno 1800 fastest

Another day, another reminder that Steam’s grip on PC gaming is perhaps a whole lot looser than we’d been kidding ourselves to believe. Ubisoft has announced that Anno 1800 has become the fastest-selling Anno to date, shifting four times as many copies in its first week than Anno 2205.

Anno 1800 launched on April 16th, arriving ‘exclusively’ on the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft’s own Uplay storefront. Pre-orders on Steam were also honoured, although Anno 1800 was subsequently removed from sale on Steam. There could be one or two question marks over whether more people were driven to drop cash on Steam pre-orders once the news of Epic Store exclusivity broke, although it seems very unlikely this could entirely account for a four-fold increase in sales figures compared to the previous game.

“Anno 1800 has been an incredible journey for all the people working at Ubisoft Blue Byte and we are so happy to see that players really enjoy playing our game,” said Benedikt Grindel, managing director at Ubisoft Blue Byte.

“Since the announcement of the game, the community of Anno 1800 has provided us with countless useful feedbacks through our community platform Anno Union and helped us releasing an excellent game. We really feel privileged to have one of the most committed communities of the video game industry.  After this amazing and successful launch, we now completely focus on delivering the best post-launch content possible for Anno 1800 and can’t wait to show you more!”

Whatever games Ubisoft is playing with the Epic Store and Steam, it definitely seems to be working. Not only is the French publisher likely receiving a fat cheque from Epic, but it’s also not appearing to affect its PC sales one bit. Still, we’d love to know concrete figures, particularly on the Steam/Epic/Uplay split.

Quite how this all shakes out for the Epic Games Store is anyone’s guess, but Ubisoft finds itself in a win/win situation if those opposed to the EGS buy Anno 1800 through Uplay instead. On its own store, Ubisoft earns a 100% cut on revenue, while on the Epic Store there’s the exclusivity bung plus 88% sales revenue.

Congratulations are in order for Blue Byte then, and from what I’ve played of Anno 1800 the success is absolutely deserved. Many reviews claim it’s the best title in the Anno series to date, so if you’re hankering after some city-building and light strategising, it may be worth checking out.

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